The blockchain revolution started the transition of power from central authorities to users. In this exact context, the Spintop Team is dedicated to applying governance to the platform for true decentralized ownership. Spintop users can help shape the future of the project by voting on different topics.
Any user can create a proposal to adjust transaction fees, emission rates, burning percentages and decide which GameFi token pairs to add to farming pools. The proposals will also be related to Gamepedia and important decisions about the future of our project.
For a user to create a proposal, a certain amount of SPIN DAO will be required and all the collected tokens will be burned. Governance members will be able to accept or reject a proposal created by another member. The final decision will be determined if the percentage of votes for accepting the proposition is higher than a given threshold.
No minimum amount of SPIN DAO will be required to participate in governance, but the number of held tokens will determine the voting power. A section of our Exchange page will be dedicated to governance to enable users to create proposals and vote by connecting their wallets.