Spintop Wallet

Blockchain gaming has just started and is currently booming. At this productive pace, many gaming/NFT projects choose to mint their own tokens to raise capital for development. Even though it is preferable to have decentralized and disconnected gaming ecosystems, using many different tokens for different games becomes a burden to players. With the In-Game Exchange Wallet, players are no longer forced to buy different tokens from different exchanges ; instead, they can convert SPIN Tokens in the In-Game Exchange Wallet.
With Spindex's liquidity provided, Spintop’s vision is set to develop our main goal: An In-Game Exchange Wallet. The wallet with SPIN Token will allow players to purchase the desired game’s token. Players will play their chosen game directly with SPIN Token instead of using the chosen game’s token. If the token has a liquidity pool in Spindex, the conversion will automatically happen in the Spintop wallet.