Yield Farming & Staking

Yield Farming: Liquidity providers are incentivized to earn interest over their LP tokens on yield farms. Yield farming is a way to gain more SPIN Tokens by pairing existing Tokens with BNB or other GameFi tokens. To maximize their gains, users can choose from different farming pools and, if needed, move from one pool to another depending on their choice.
We aim to attract DeFi and Gaming/NFT investors with the APR of our yield farming pools and the specific farming pairs (mostly based on blockchain gaming projects) that only exist in Spindex. This would allow Spindex to become the first DEX specialized in blockchain gaming/NFT projects.
Staking: Staking is the easiest risk-free way to earn SPIN Tokens. Users who don’t want to create a pair for yield farming because of the risk of impermanent loss will earn SPIN Tokens and NFTs by staking their tokens in various pools. There will be no lock-up time for the staked tokens, and users will be able to join or leave the staking pools as they please.
DeFi as a Service: Spintop offers Staking and Yield Farming as a service for partnered projects.
Last modified 1mo ago