Guild Maker

Guild Maker is the meeting grounds for play-to-earn sponsors and scholars. Sponsors can burn SPIN and create their own guilds, recruit scholars and compete with each other.
Play-to-earn has been one of the biggest innovations in blockchain gaming and has been growing exponentially ever since the early days. We believe in play to earn and the equality of the opportunity it presents to players all around the world. Yet, there is still an entrance barrier to acquiring the initial NFTs which can go up to hundreds of dollars.
In Guild Maker, we aim to break these barriers by introducing the scholars (players) who are willing to play these games with the sponsors (NFT owners) who don't have time to play the games with multiple assets.
The Guild Maker will act in a social manner with multiple guilds. The sponsors who allocate their assets to the guild pools will be the regulator of that specific guild while the scholars play the games by picking the needed items both from their individually allocated NFTs and the NFT pool of their registered guild. The earnings of the scholars will be shared between the guild and the scholar with the higher percentage belonging to the scholar. The rest of the earnings will be distributed to the guild's asset contributors and will be managed with smart contracts that are governed by the sponsors. The guilds will be competing in weekly raids, the most successful guilds and the best performing scholars will be rewarded by the Spintop Team.
When a guild is created, a subdao for its governence will be minted to be owned by its sponsor.
We, as the Spintop Team will be the first guild regulators until there are enough sponsors and scholars in the system. Later on, The Spintop guild will be disbanded to keep the competition fair.