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As of 2020, the global gaming market has reached 174.9 billion USD, with over 2.8 billion players worldwide. This booming sector has become intertwined with our daily lives; most of us compete, spending our free time in this modern virtual realm made possible by the internet revolution. Yet, another iteration of this revolution has been brought about by blockchain technology, which allows us to create a decentralized, transparent, egalitarian, and innovative gaming ecosystem.
We believe that blockchain technology will open new horizons in the gaming world and emerge as a new, more complete version of the internet with its interchangeable assets and decentralized back-end. What we’ve seen so far is just a glimpse of things to come.
Right now, blockchain gaming projects are widely scattered around the web, waiting to be discovered. Many of them use their own tokens, which force players to adopt multiple platforms. The token problem doesn’t only make it harder to explore games but also disperses gaming communities. Moreover, a wide variety of unutilized hodled tokens charges a hefty opportunity cost.

What is Spintop?

Spintop is the next generation blockchain gaming hub that aims to utilize the new tools of web3 to offer a comprehensive experience for players, traders and investors. In Spintop, we aspire to guide, discuss and supply through blockchain gaming. The ecosystem is designed as a gaming hub that allows players to exchange their tokens, NFTs, and reviews.
Spintop consists of five main tools acting together in a social manner and built around user profiles:
  • Gamepedia: A community-driven gaming guide in which games are accessed, listed, and filtered for tokenomics, ratings, smart chains, and development statuses. Games are also reviewed by both critics and users.
    Learn more 👉 Gamepedia​
  • Spintop Exchange: A decentralized exchange (Dex) where gaming tokens are pooled together to create liquidity, incentivizing yield farming.
    Learn more 👉 Exchange ​
  • Guild Maker: Meeting grounds for play-to-earn sponsors and scholars. Sponsors can burn SPIN and create their own yield guilds, recruit scholars and compete with each other.
    Learn more 👉 Guild Maker​
  • NFT Marketplace: NFT marketplace will be the supply zone for the guilds, users and games where they will be listing their NFTs for sale or lending.
    Learn more 👉 NFT Marketplace​
  • Launchpad: Launching the game to the Web3 gaming ecosystem by working as a tierless and permissionless launchpad. Helping early integration of the games to the hub by involving gamers in early stages. 👉 Launchpad​
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