Launchpad Vault

Vault and Allocation Mechanics

Launchpad Vault is the staking ground for SPIN holders to earn IGO allocations. By staking to the contract, our users will benefit from both auto-compounding interests from single-staking SPIN pool rewards and IGO allocations from the corresponding project.

Spintop's Launchpad system consists of a singular Vault which hosts individual IGO events as modular staking contracts. This way users can enjoy earning IGO allocation rights without taking any action.

Allocation Mechanics

Inspired by Synthetix staking contracts. Allocations for the users are calculated by the set of formulas below:

r(u, a, b) = reward for user u for a<=t<=b

R= rewards minted per second

L(t) = total staked token at time t

l(u, t) = token staked by user u at time t

When L(t) > 0

When l(u, t) = k for a <= t <= b

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