IGO process

Pre Contribution Round

This is the period that you need to stake your Spin to Launchpad Vault and wait for the contribution round to start.

  • Stake or transfer your SPINs to Launchpad Vault

  • You can stake your SPINs Or you can transfer SPINs from SPIN Single Stake pool

Contribution Round

This will take 10 days before every IGO. On this round you can dynamically see your current allocation on the IGO and stake more SPIN to increase your allocation.

Allocation Round

After 5 days of contribution, you can claim your allocation on this round.

Duration of this round is 24 hours.

First Come First Served (FCFS)

Only contributors to the Launchpad Vault may enter this round.

There will be one more round of allocation if the allocation round is not claimed totally. If you made a claim during the Allocation Round, you can check the FCFS Round and get a second claim for your allocation. Progress bar, depending on claim demand.

Users are limited to participate into this round by a multiple of their originally deserved amount on the Allocation Round. The multiplier is subject to change from the data to be collected on the IGOs.

Vesting Round

After the IGO is completed, you can check the vesting schedule and claim your vesting allocation.

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