SPIN is the token of the Spintop ecosystem.
Contract Address
BNB Chain: 0x6AA217312960A21aDbde1478DC8cBCf828110A67 Polygon: 0x35f80a39eeFe33D0dfD2aD2daa6aD6A9D472CEbd
Ticker: SPIN
Decimals: 18
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), Polygon (AnyswapV6ERC20)
The SPIN token’s utility will be as follows:
  • Burn it to create custom yield guilds.
  • Burn it to wrap NFTs.
  • Stake it to create a profile and apply for scholarships.
  • Stake it in Staking Pools to earn Partners' tokens.
  • Stake it in Staking Pools to earn SPIN tokens.
  • Stake it in Yield Farms to earn more SPIN tokens.
  • Stake/Farm it to participate in Launchpad IDOs & INOs