Marketplace & Exchange

Blockchain technology made its most far-reaching impact on the gaming industry over the interchangeability of in-game assets, which is also one of the main aspects Spintop’s ecosystem is built upon. Players spend countless hours gathering their desired items or skins in the game to only contain the item inside the game’s premises. On the contrary, blockchain has made this zero-sum game as profitable as it is entertaining. Now the players can extract their highly prized items as NFTs for both showcasing and trading. We believe off-chain games will quickly integrate to major chains like Ethereum and BSC to reach the potential of blockchain gaming and mint their NFT/items.
Built upon the concept outlined above, NFT Marketplace will be the main supply grounds for the Guilds and the players. The Guilds or the solo players will be selling, buying, or lending the items needed to complete their arsenal and teams by using the assets listed in Spintop Marketplace in the simplest way possible.
In a nutshell, the NFT marketplace will be the gathering point for both the Guilds and the users where they will be listing their NFTs for sale or lending. In the case of sales, listed NFTs will have a tag price from where the bidding starts and the highest bidder transacts the listed NFT to its wallet. In the lending case, the items will have a preset price for certain periods of usage.