Spintop Decentralized Exchange
Spindex is the DeFi hub for blockchain gaming projects. Exchange, DeFi as a Service, Yield Farming, and Staking functions will be available for users and partners.
The Spindex will enable users to exchange/farm cryptocurrencies and NFTโ€™s through its protocol. Spindex will prioritize its farms for projects on blockchain gaming. The SPIN Token will be the main element behind the Spindex decentralized platform; exchange commisions will be paid, and rewards from the liquidity pools will be distributed to the contributors with SPIN Tokens.
As Spindex will run initially on BSC, users can only trade and provide liquidity using BEP-20 tokens.
However, Spindex will offer a cross-chain platform in the future. You can find the estimated time for the implementation of a cross-chain platform in our roadmap. Polygon will be Spintop's priority for the implementation of the cross-chain infrastructure.
Last modified 11mo ago
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